“Unbelievable in its flexibility and usefulness.”
“Every writer should know about Story Turbo.”
“By far, the best piece of writing software.”

Unsolicited feedback during 2013/2014

Notes With Links Office 365 app

Notes With Links Office 365 app

NEW: Notes With Links for Microsoft Office 365 and Office 2013. Free trial. Unique new app with active links to notes from places in documents or cells. A multi user organizer with many note panels. This app is for Word, Excel and (some limits) PowerPoint.
April 1 2014: The Office Store page is down for maintenance as the price is changing, this is not as simple as it sounds (this is not a joke btw!). I will email members when the new version is live.

Story Turbo Freeware productivity software app Windows

Download free (no ads) Windows Zip Full version, examples, and large clipart library

Story Turbo Freeware productivity software app  Installer for Apple Mac DMG

Download free (no ads) Apple Mac Zip Full version, examples, and large clipart library

Geoffrey Davis founder of Story Software

Geoffrey Davis of Story Software

“Simplicity is hard to find, especially in software.”


  • Story Turbo will improve your writing and notes
  • you won’t forget anything
  • expand the way you work with zooming layouts
  • use for brainstorming or image + texts layout
  • change colors, group, export/publish
  • with nearly 100 examples & templates
  • with custom clipart – comic characters, speech bubbles, arrows, boxes etc – get creative!
  • simple to understand and easy to use
  • no learning curve.

“I have now made it free to help promote this great new software – so tell your friends, and join our Facebook page, Google+ and Twitter.”



Why is it so useful?

  • free full version!
  • notes and structure and images too in one unique writing and layout app
  • zoom layouts of boxes of words and images, notes, side boxes
  • zoom out to see all, zoom in to see details
Help page at 100% published as image

Help page at 100% published as image

Zooming word processing with images, side boxes, callouts, sidebars, comments, notes

Image and text layouts for creative writing or research and notes

Death in Bubble World on Story Turbo

Presentation slideshows zooming canvas

For ebooks, magazines, teaching materials

Publish dtp ebooks magazines scrapbooks posters

For all creative writing, fiction, notes, research and non-fiction

  • Also make graphic novels and comics using instant image import and custom clipart
  • Modern flexible zooming organizer or whiteboard (with color!)
  • Corkboard & pinboard with any images, clipart, photos, graphics, for notes, documentation, research, lists
  • Publish and export any layout to many formats, a very flexible tool


Most popular use:

  • place your main text, story, essay, report, research, blog, etc. into a large editing box.
  • Surround this with as many color-coded notes and ideas boxes as you want.
  • Drag the boxes anywhere, pan and zoom to see your whole layout, or just put your notes and ideas to one side.
  • Everything on one big zooming layout! Never lose your important ideas, all work in one file.
  • Export to a fully featured linear word processor for final publishing.
  • Now with image import and formatting for scans of books, screen dumps, inspiring images.


  • Notes and Editor for Writing and Blogging – developed from best free writers’ app
  • Whiteboard - ideas brainstorm, mind maps, presentations – lay out texts and images on a zooming background
  • Organiser - all project or story notes, ideas and images in one layout file
  • Flexible Layouts – not just for stories – create and organize anything!
  • Images and Photos plus Notes

New features compared to Story Lite: This is a big upgrade from Story Lite. New features are:

  • images
  • snap to grid
  • rotate and flip images and other image features
  • grouping of boxes
  • transparent boxes
  • Z levels (height)
  • Publish button
  • more shortcuts
  • accurate HTML export
  • 400% zoom

Images and any number of texts can be placed on a large canvas. They can be edited, moved about, arranged in the best layout to tell your own story, or the story of your business or project.

Creative zooming layout

The layout is great for visual memory for groups of items, by color and position. So you do not lose track of what is going on, no matter who large or complex your work is.

Because the zooming canvas can expand however you want, you are free to create and experiment.

HISTORY: Story Turbo is an upgrade from texts-only Story Lite, the 5 star creativity and productivity software for multiple text layout, with a unlimited zooming canvas.

Story Turbo is used for:

Keep track of all your notes and ideas with any project whether writing, blogging, or business. Save in one file.

Create new visual and text works or use it as an artist’s notebook.
Story Turbo can be the final output for your art or story.
Use it for graphic novels and comic development.

Simple and flexible.

Brainstorming and Mind Mapping- layout and share.

Use our custom clipart.


Export your whole canvas layout or just what is visible as formatted text, web html, and images.

Change the way your business thinks – use the power of story-telling to get across your message.

Business notes and presentation with graphs, images.


Many design uses, such as make web site mockups, export to image for sharing.

Story Turbo works like a ‘portable desktop’ so you can add designs, images, ideas and notes, comments, client notes, and move it all about.

Share with colleagues, friends and clients.

100% CLEAN (no ads, ads-free) 5 star PC and Mac

100% FREE software, no trial no limits

100% free of spyware, viruses, and other malware

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  1. June Nicely says:

    A really awesome blog. Continue writing and I’ll keep following! Thanks – June

  2. Kasey says:

    I was initially searching for ideas for my personal site and
    uncovered your own blog, would you mind if I actually
    implement a few of your own tips? Appreciate it, Kasey

  3. MYS says:

    Thank you for this app. I think I might really benefit from it.

    When you EXPORT TO RTF, how do you control the ORDER in which the boxes export?

    Thank you.

  4. GeoffD says:

    The order is from the screen positions, left to right, top to bottom

    They are separated by dividers so you can see which is which.


  5. Selina says:

    Hi – I just tried to watch the youtube video and there is no sound on the clip. My sound is working fine for other clips, but not this one. Is the video only meant to be images?

  6. GeoffD says:

    The latest video is silent. I ran out of my old recordings.

  7. Hey there! I’m a professional screenwriter that’s been using story turbo. THANK YOU!!!!! I’ve looked everywhere for a simple cork-board program and finally found it with Story Turbo. I’m sending a copy to my partner Director Tibor Takacs with whom I wrote Spiders 3D for Millennium Films. We’re working on another scirpt together and sharing a cork board is a great help. Thank you again!


  8. GeoffD says:

    Many thanks, glad it is of use, I am also a writer, that was the reason for it. I’ve just today 1 March released a new notes/organizer app called Notes With Links, which is on the Microsoft Office Store, it runs alongside Word, Excel (and PowerPoint with limits). So you can do finished works and still use notes etc. It is different from Story Turbo. I am doing a proper blog on it soon.

    The home site for Notes With Links is here >

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