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FREE app and How to Write ebooks

NSB logo-Clock-eye-Transp 200This site is now doing the Creative Bundle – our top storyboarding app for writers, designers, creatives of any type – free on this site. You get the latest version Notes Story Board app v2.2, not Story Turbo which is an older version.

Please see the home page for the FREE download – just select the option you want and enter your email address.

The new site is at NOTES STORY BOARD if you want to visit that.

Story Lite now online free writers app for storyboard, ideas, notes

4-fish-logoOur first app Story Lite from 2010 is online again. It is a simpler version of Story Turbo and Notes Story Board, with no image import and image editing, or snap, etc.
The main apps Notes Story Board and Story Turbo are still available for free. These have image import and extras.

Get Story Lite now >

NSB logo-Clock-eye-Transp 200Get Notes Story Board v 2.2 here >

APPS ARE FREE for personal use!

We have started a new games and news site see
Botz Robots new site >

How to get your novel published 2017

Unbound are a part of Penguin/Random House. They have a new business model for getting unknown (ie, unbound!) writers out there. They publish fiction, non-fictions, essays, self-help (from Steve Aylett no less, and others).

Ivy Ngeow, who writes for Story Software occasionally, has had many short stories published, and stories read on the BBC, and now has her first novel on the Unbound platform. It is a thrilling 80s crime story set in Chicago and Macau near Hong Kong China, and is worth a pledge, which start at £10. Why not visit there now and see her video for her novel Heart of Glass, and look around the site?
Heart of Glass novel by Ivy Ngeow – see the video now >

Heart of Glass Ivy Ngeow 2017

Heart of Glass Ivy Ngeow 2017

The idea is the author does a video pitch and people buy the book before it is out – and if they get enough sales, the publisher will then print and market the book. The pre-sales are called Pledges, and you usually get your name in the edition as a Supporter.

In a crowdfunding manner, there are different levels. Many authors have more expensive options which might include hardback, additional items like posters, memorabilia, or even lunches, drinking sessions, pub crawls, visits to book groups (not to be combined with drinking sessions), invites to parties, etc. The cheapest is an ebook, the most expensive I have seen is a £1000 for party invites, all combined with other levels.

Video for Heart of Glass novel by Ivy Ngeow – visit now >

New version of Story Turbo called Notes Story Board out soon

Hi all
There is a new version of the app out soon, this has new links to new websites, otherwise functionally the same.
Notes Story Board v2.2 (inherited version from Story Turbo) will then be updated with new features as they are added.
New features are: multiple canvas tabs, spell check, more format inputs, more exports, links to online sites, some bug fixes such as word wrap etc.

It is being bundled with some How to Write ebooks, to make a useful package for creative writers or any creative activity that benefits from an image and text storyboard or mind map.

Existing users of Story Turbo can get Notes Story Board for free. Send an email to the usual address, and I will add you to the new version list, or just wait til I send out a proper email.

Everything will move to a new website too.

The new app should be ready by end of this month.


Story Turbo app now offline

Story Turbo is now retired as the registration process (where it asks for an email on first run) has gone wrong. The app still works so it can still be requested directly from me using info at story turbo com

The plans for a version 3 depend on more finance (rather major for a worthwhile expanded connected new version) and income is hard to get for apps, so I’ll email everyone when that happens 8)

Thanks for your support so far.


Best online writing courses now free for all

I also have a writing courses site which has been run as a membership site. Since this involves a lot of admin, I have decided to make all the pages free access.

Visit Top Writing Courses – free online (new window) >

Please check out the courses which are:

  • creative writing
  • fiction – all types
  • script writing
  • genres
  • poetry
  • copy writing

These courses are also available as Kindle ebooks, and shortly, other ebook formats.

Thanks, Geoff

Notes With Links for Office 365 new Webucator training video

Webucator the training company, have made a video of our Office 365 / Office 2013 app for Excel, Word, PowerPoint. News Feb 2015: This app is now retired, a new version will be out later 2015.

Webucator explain the main benefits and features of Notes With Links notes organizer app for Microsoft Office 365.

Webucator is an onsite and online training company which has trained many people in Microsoft Office skills such as Excel advanced skills, also ASP.NET, XML, Windows, Java, Adobe Flash, HTML5, JavaScript, Dreamweaver and more.
Check Webucator excel classes here >

Fiction and Word cloud art

I have been playing around with making posters from some of my short stories, as reported here previously. This is a displacement from trying to write a new story which has got stuck! I am using word clouds as summaries of stories, with high impact words that make for interesting reading.
This is very different from a graphic novel, since I am trying to create a single poster for the story, or possibly diptychs or triptychs.
Word clouds are pretty standard things, there are some great tools to make them freely available (see end for links).

I have tried using fewer words, and adding the actual story text to the large areas of colour. Like so:

Cow Boils Head word cloud plus text

Cow Boils Head word cloud plus text

Click on this to read properly. This is a test to check word counts, positioning, readability etc. so I only did the C.

This cloud has only 5 words, as that is the way to get larger color areas. The usual word cloud looks interesting (and reads well, depending on the words). This is the same story with more words:

Cow Boils Head word cloud - 50 words

Cow Boils Head word cloud - 50 words

25-50 words is good to get an idea of the story. See this one, which was a crime story:

The Hall story word cloud

The Hall story word cloud

My alternative method to make posters was just using existing artwork published with the stories, designed for the poster format, but this means proper design and a supply of good relevant images. The Death In The Bubble World story had been published in 3 parts with images, and there was a multimedia piece with more images, so that could be created. Other stories would need new images, which creates a problem – how to get an illustrator, since this is a job. Or perhaps images can be added to the word clouds to make a hybrid poster.

Incidentally these can be put together in Story Turbo as it does text and images. I have been using it for concepts and arrangement and then finishing in Photoshop (eg, adding filters, and the text rendering is better quality). More to follow.

Online word clouds:
Pro Writing Aid (many features including a word cloud)
Office 365:
Pro Word Cloud app, from Pro Writing Aid

Quick reads – Pinterest word clouds

The Hall - Geoff Davis

The Hall - Geoff Davis

I have been playing around with Pro Writing Aid, it has an online editor that includes a rather neat word cloud maker. There is also an Office plugin app version. I have put these up on Pinterest for your perusal.

Visit now – Geoff Davis word clouds from fiction on Pinterest >

Next step is to make these A2 size, and add the actual text onto the larger letters, so can read some (or all, if short) of the story on the poster. Then print it out as an art work. More news to follow.

Check out Pro Writing Aid site >

Pay What You Want – the new free – writing app news

Download Story Turbo app iconThis is from Tom Morkes of Insurgent Publishing:

“The early adopters of the world are the people who make it possible for new artists, entrepreneurs, and authors to survive… so thank you in advance for being one of them. It means the world to me.”

I couldn’t out it better myself!

100% Safe Virus Total Analyser

100% Safe Virus Total Analyser

I have been told via people complaining to Support that more of the third party download websites now add what is politely called malware to my innovative app.
To keep it 100% clean as created I have decided to make Story Turbo only available from this site, with a Pay What You Want price. Your generously given money goes towards the hosting costs, and future development of version 3.

Check out Pay What You Want on the new Story Turbo download page now >

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