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Story Turbo is mainly a writing and notes tool. It is useful for keeping track of all notes and ideas, and any inspiring or relevant images, during the ideas phase of a writing project. It can also be used as the main editor for your large texts, and then export to do any final processing in a fully featured word processor.

You can also import images, scans or screen dump pages of mixed material, or just text from a book.

Any box or image on the layout can be dragged anywhere, so you have a complete free form layout.

Graphic works or comics can be created or tested very quickly, and exported/published as Word files, web pages, or images.

This means your main text can be placed anywhere, with your notes and images anywhere you want them in relation to it. You can quickly zoom and pan to see different parts of your work.

All kept in one file so you never lose anything.

Story Turbo is an essential creative utility for all writers.

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