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Brainstorming Mind Maps

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Brain Storming and Mind Map Targets

Brain Storming and Mind Map Targets

Add any text boxes for quickly getting down your ideas, and import images for ideas and reference.

Change colors for inspiration or grouping of concept after the brainstorming session.

Expand out to any size, adding more space automatically as you work – no constraints! Free format!

Publish (export) the whole canvas, or views, as an image, web page or word processor text.

Share file with friends and colleagues.

Arrows and more clipart

We have included a set of arrows to import, rotate, stretch for use with all types of notes and brainstorming or mind maps.

We are adding a lot more clipart for arrows, lines, boxes, frames, speech and though bubbles, etc, these will be along December 2012.

More details to follow.

Here is the old (pre v2.2) Story Turbo example file for download:
Will open in Story Lite, images are replaced with empty white text boxes.

This will be updated shortly.

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