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Child development SEL

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SEL is a child’s social and emotional development. It is monitored in schools to ensure children do not become withdrawn or even too bookish, or the alternative, too excited or disruptive.

Generally though, it is just to keep track of how well your child is doing.

Use Story Turbo to keep track of reports from school, make any notes, add photos or charts, do not lose any ideas or notes.

You can also photograph any written school reports or notes, and include them as images.

It is secure on your own hard disk, and can be kept safe from prying eyes, unlike cloud based software. You can also export (in v2.1, Publish) it to any word processor or as a web page, or as an image but that might be impractical if the canvas is very large.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

This covers all aspects of a child’s development including interaction with peers, parents and authority figures (and siblings), school behaviour, home and play behaviour, team confidence, sports, hobbies and art activities.

SEN is special educational needs. This can also be included in any Story Turbo layout.

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