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Story Turbo is useful at all stages of any writing, editing, copy or notes and ideas job, not only stories.

A typical use is to have a large text area for your main text, surrounded by all your notes, ideas, references etc in text boxes. Since the canvas can expand, anything can be stored, and dragged to position.

To see all your work, zoom from normal anywhere down to 2% or even up to 400%. Navigate quickly using the unique info map.

Boxes can be color coded (all notes one color, new ideas another color, etc).

Images can also be added for inspiration.

iOr you can produce DTP-style layouts with text and images, for illustrated books, graphic novels, comics, and publish (export) these to anyone by email or post into social media sites. Publish and exports are as image, or RTF (formatted text) or HTML for the web.

Whatever you write:

  • reports
  • blogs
  • essays
  • research documents
  • business proposals
  • fiction from short stories to novels
  • plans, plots and timelines
  • even poetry

Any type of writing or whiteboard-style notes organization are made much easier using Story Turbo.

  • Keep all your notes and ideas in one place – a zooming canvas, easy to pan and move around.
  • Zoom in and out to see different parts of your work
  • Color code types of notes
  • Add images for inspiration, or scan or photo pages, screen dumps, news items
  • Expand or shrink text and images at will
  • Export in lots of formats


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