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Arts, academic, photo, family, sports, documentation projects

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Many images zoomed out to 20%

Many images zoomed out to 20%

Story Turbo is a multimedia app that can be used for images and texts. See this image of 42 images loaded in, with full performance. Images can be scaled, distorted, and moved about anywhere on the Canvas.
It is not an image browser, these are proper images scaled to 500 pixels wide. Text boxes of any size, color and background can be added too.
Story Turbo with 42 images and some text boxes

Story Turbo with 42 images and some text boxes

Easy to make image and text notebooks for any purpose

Story Turbo can be used as a great photo or image album, with any text you want to add. Use the layouts to make anything you want, and email or post to your friends and family as a file or an image – easy to view on any device.

If they also have Story Turbo, they can edit and update their own copy, and send it back to you – ideal for scrapbooks, project work or family albums.

You can even make comics and graphic novels using it, see this part view of a canvas from a work in progress:

Life in the Bubble World graphic novel enhanced ebook Geoff Davis

Life in the Bubble World graphic novel enhanced ebook Geoff Davis

Story Turbo is a flexible and easy to use creativity and productivity application that will make you wonder what you did without it.

The following are just some uses of Story Turbo, you can think of many uses, as the images and texts app is so flexible!

Family albums for

  • weddings
  • wedding planning
  • birthdays
  • holidays
  • special occasions
  • child development
  • recipes

Children’s scrapbooks

  • school projects
  • homework and outside lesson tracking
  • fun outings or days away
  • friends
  • activities and hobbies
  • summer camps
  • pen pals

Social media and blogs, internet marketing

  • image and text storage
  • preparation and scheduling – plan ahead
  • tracking and diaries
  • reference files
  • logins and passwords
  • links

Sports albums – football, golf, running, tennis, baseball, Olympics

  • photos
  • facts
  • charts and figures
  • fantasy football and fantasy sports tracking
  • personal progress diaries

Celebrity and celebs, stars, favorite people

  • photos, images
  • active links to videos, online or on your computer
  • internet, TV, film, play and movie stars
  • latest stories
  • musicians, singers, from pop to classical
  • authors and writers, screenwriters, playwrights
  • gossip and entertainment news

Personal albums

  • hobbies
  • sports
  • self-development
  • professional career and work
  • job applications
  • diaries
  • projects
  • personal entertainment

DIY and Building albums

  • all projects large or small
  • add photos, plans, notes, health and safety, diaries
  • renovation
  • extensions
  • lofts
  • basements
  • interior design
  • kitchens
  • redecorating
  • new build

Garden albums

  • add photos, plans, notes, health and safety, diaries
  • planting schedules
  • bed layouts and garden design
  • water features
  • ornamental flower beds
  • trees
  • bushes and shrubs
  • eco and sustainable gardening
  • biodiversity – track species distribution
  • garden buildings
  • garden offices

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