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Watchmen Cover - classic graphic novel

Watchmen Cover - classic graphic novel

Note: use the above navigation to see other pages on graphic novels, comics etc.

Story Turbo can be used to make image and text layouts.

In the following download there are a lot of clipart graphics for making graphic art and comic layouts. These images are public domain and have been created by our artist Eva. Some have been modified from

Clipart Story Software Collections – All files

This is a large set for graphic stories, comics, diagrams, mind maps, brainstorming, whiteboards, etc. All colors, transparent backgrounds, blended onto white.

Tip: Files have transparency so you can layer them.
Tip: Change the Z level setting to ‘1’ or more (in image formats, Alignment, double click on image to get the menu).
Tip: Use Image format/alignment & rotation first, then stretch them with Fit to Box ‘on’

Set 1 – Arrows, Boxes, images for Graphics Novels and Comics
Folders are (some have subfolders too):
Frames & Borders
Speech Bubbles
Thought Bubbles

Set 2 – Brainstorm, Mind Map, Business, People
Folders are (some have subfolders too):
Business People
Charts & Diagrams
Mind Map Components

Graphic novels are similar to comics but have a more novelistic or artistic bent, either in appearance (the artwork) the text (dialogue or story or mood etc) or both. If wanting to impress use the term ‘pictorial literature’.

Clipart images have transparent backgrounds, so frames and boxes can be used.

Story Turbo has control over z level, or height of the image and text boxes above the background canvas, which means clipart can be layered.

How to write a comic strip or graphic novel

In this section there are several in-depth articles about how to write graphic novels and how to illustrate them.

How a quick overview of recent thought on graphic novels see this article in the Guardian UK >

See a recent blog entry for an example of an online graphic novel >

Story Turbo can also be used for non-linear narrative or stories that have multiple paths or ending. Use the canvas for free form layout of text and images. Navigate any way you want.

Life in the Bubble World graphic novel enhanced ebook Geoff Davis

Life in the Bubble World graphic novel enhanced ebook Geoff Davis

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